Move in with Host Family

January 27th, Sunday- Last day at the hotel. We had breakfast at the hotel before our last orientation meeting about classes, schedules, and such. Then, finally, we met our host families! Mine is a younger couple, both sweet and incredibly hospitable. They have a younger son who is 7 and loves soccer and talking.

During siesta, after lunch but before dinner, we walked around Granada with their Golden Retriever, Neo, for about an hour and walking the route to school.

My host mom is an amazing cook. So far we’ve had flavorful cod, salted and soft potatoes, and fruit. Olive oil browned chicken and turkey. Lentil soup and vegetable tomato salad.

Lunch here is at around 2:30 and dinner is usually late. Since the son has to go to bed, we eat early (8:30), but many start at 9 or 10.


January 28th, Monday- After breakfast, two other students and I walked with their host mom to school for our Spanish placement test. It took about 4 hours and was mostly to determine if we and chosen the right (of three) different programs here and, within those, what level grammar/language we should take.

Somehow, we found our way back on our own without getting lost, in time for lunch.




Obligatory, artsy photo of tea, a latte, and chocolate croissant.


Neo the Golden Retriever


Fountain on a main walkway/park. Above the water you can see pomegranates, which is what Granada means in Spanish. 


The oldest building in Granada, now part of the University. 



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