7 miles of Granada and Nerja, Malaga

January 29th:

I slept in, after staying up later with three friends from my abroad program (since none of us have classes until Monday). After breakfast, I started walking up to the city for a meeting with the program coordinators. Luckily I left with almost an hour to spare since it took almost that long to walk all the way up to the office. (Workout for the day, check.)

I found out I placed into the level and program I was expecting via the placement test from the previous day (yay). I asked them to look into volunteer opportunities for me to do while in Spain, so we will see what I end up getting to do :).

Also waiting to hear on my finalized class schedule, but likely I will be taking (all in Spanish) Spanish speaking, marketing, politics of the EU, Spanish and Latin American film, and Spanish business. (A nice mix of things I normally wouldn’t study in the US, and hopefully will help with my Spanish language and culture skills, as well as expanding my knowledge base).

I *finally* got a bus pass, so I didn’t have to walk home for lunch (yum, as per usual). Afterwards, I took the bus back up (yay public transportation) to get more shampoo, etc (all things I didn’t bring full sized bottles, knowing I could get them here). Afterwards, I met up with friends in the program before we started walking back. On the way, we happened to pass stores for other things we were missing (a working straightener for me, contact solution for them, etc).

It was cool to see the city at night (peep the Christopher Columbus statue below) and walk by the river and see the street art.

All in all, I ended up walking 7 miles in Granada today….


January 30th:

Trip to Nerja/Malaga! (Nerja is a beach town next to Malaga, Spain, on the coast of the Mediterranean). I woke up a little after 7 today, eating breakfast and taking the the city bus up to the bus station to go to Nerja. I met two other friends and we slept (basically the entire) 2 hour bus ride. The mountains were huge as we drove through, around, and on them. I tried to capture a picture to give you an idea of the height, but I couldn’t fit the top and the ground in the frame.

Once there, we walked to the beach (pics below), including meeting Hugo (the Westie from England who loves, loves the beach). He flopped on his belly and let us pet him before laying in the sand and digging at the same time.

From there, we went to the Balcony of Europe (with a view of the ocean and the statue of King Alfonso– as shown with me below). After walking around, we got used books in a bookstore (mostly in Spanish) and then went to a vegetarian/gluten free cafe (the later for me and the former for my companions). I got GF cheesy pasta and later chocolate and tiramisu gelato. One thing Spain does right, besides all the food ever, is gelato. I’ve never had a flavor I didn’t love.

We saw certain monuments (the wonders of Nerja) like a rock from the caves below (pictured) and an old fishing boat (not pictured).

We walked around the city some more, stopping before at a cafe for tea before getting back on the bus and sleeping the 2 hours on the way back. I took the bus again back to my host family’s house for dinner. Afterwards, I played soccer with my little host brother (7 years old) and sat with Neo, the dog, who now follows me everywhere.




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