Catching up on sleep and other exciting adventures

January 31st–

I slept in (again) before going to this *familial* gym near my host family’s house with a friend of mine from the program. Surprisingly, the equipment did not break when we touched it, and there was some free space downstairs for abs, etc, so the close proximity will probably take precedence over luxury. (Not that equipment from the 1920s isn’t something I look for in every gym..)

I took a 20 minute bus ride each way to get a book for one of my classes, Spanish and Latin American Film. (Very high quality, comic sans-font, self-printed pages. Definitely worth the trip and 5 euros).

We took little Alvaro to soccer practice so he could show us how he was “the best soccer player ever”, just as he is the “best at everything”, which frankly is quite bold for a 7 year old (but I guess he does know everything…).

When we had to leave (because practice was over), he pouted for an entire hour about not getting to stay longer. I visited my first Spanish supermarket (Mercadona) which surprisingly had a lot of gluten free foods, including the best gf pizza. (My host mom said this is because the owner’s daughter has celiac disease).


February 1st–

Then, my host Mom and dog and I walked to pick up my host brother from school and it was so hot I ended up taking off my jacket (in January) for the mile there, and leaving it off for the mile walk back.

The entire program met up for a review of Spanish history before our first outing to Cordoba (especially the Arab influence in Andalucia, a region of southern Spain), including a video reconstruction of ruins. They definitely took some artistic license with some of the film, especially when they kept insisting certain people (like the visiting ambassador) would certainly have been tired, then confused, then anxious, then amazed. (This might be true, but not something I might have concluded from just the ruins themselves…)

My host dad came back from working in a different city for the week and brought the best oranges. Super sweet and juicy, very little pulpy covering.

After dinner, the group went to do karaoke in an Irish bar (super Spanish thing to do, I know). Thankfully (for myself and everyone there) this was a spectator event for me only. I took a taxi back home since I left “early” at 1:30 with a driver who said “American?” after I said “Hola” so that was great for my confidence in my pronunciation/accent/Spanish prowess. But oh well.


February 2nd–

*surprise* I slept in again and after 2:30 lunch met up with friends from the program at a coffee shop to work on applications for summer internships, funding for said internships, blogs (me), and so forth.

They had GF bread which was pretty yummy but, like the taxi driver (although this is likely because we spoke to each other in mostly English) the barista kept answering our Spanish questions with English replies…

I played more indoor soccer with my little host brother, worked on “sit” with the dog (or “seeet” as he only understands it with a Spanish accent) and tried to get all the dog hair off of me after he climbed into my lap.

I was going to go back to the *luxurious* gym but decided to do yoga in my room instead (as alluring as it was to walk all the way there, in the dark, for such quality).


Despite all the very adventurous things in the last few days (ie sleeping, the gym, more sleeping), the only new picture I have is of Neo, the dog, laying in my doorway so I couldn’t close the door and leave him in the hallway.


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