Córdoba and classes

The day began by waking up at 6:30 and walking 20 minutes, taking the bus for 20 more (exactly what we all want to do on a Sunday).

The entire program then took a chartered bus (2.5 hours) to Córdoba. Most of us fell asleep.

Our first stop was Medina al Zahara, a city built by the caliph of Southern Spain during Islamic rule of the area (~700 AD).

The city only lasted about 80 years before being abandoned and repeatedly pillaged. Only 10% of the city remains, almost none of which includes ceilings, decorations, etc.

After Medina al Zahara, we drove to the heart of Córdoba. First up, a synagogue (only one of 3 historical ones still in Spain, 2 are in Toledo) and was only kept because the decoration was hidden by walls that were plastered over. Only about as big as an average room, it’s much smaller than most historical sites. Apparently it used to be a hospital for people with hydrophobia? Strange but true.

Also this is the prestigious location where I stepped off a ramp without knowing it and fell in front of our whole group and a bunch of tourists. Super fun.

Three of the Jewish girls from my program, in front of the menorah.


Finally, as per Spanish culture, we had lunch at 2:30 at a Moroccan restaurant. The meal included a fresh salad of cucumber and tomatoes and GF falafels. The entree consisted of yellow rice and soft chicken before dessert- a sort of custard with the texture of coconut but without the coconut taste.

After lunch, the Córdoba mosque (although now considered a church also since the church bought it for 30 euros from Spain… and upon conquering carved out a piece in the middle for a renaissance-style church area.)


On the street, we saw a girl walking her ferret??


After the ferret on-a-leash situation, we crossed this beautiful bridge and passed by a sculpture of the guardian of Cordoba.


After 2.5 hours, we finally made it back to Granada.


February 4th- First day of classes! I started out with Marketing and Communication. Not only is one of my friends from the program in with me, it seems like it’ll be an interesting class. One of our main projects we can tailor to our interests, using the major themes from the course– anything from theater to books to products to large businesses.

My EU politics class got cancelled because the professor did something to his foot, so a few of us got tea and gf banana bread and walked through a Spanish book store. Afterwards, I went home for another yummy lunch (soup, because all of us in the house either were sick, are sick, or are getting sick (ie me)). I went back up to the school (another 30ish minutes walking and by bus) for my last class of the day– Spanish speaking.

The professor initially seemed intense but ended up being funny and good at teaching. We already covered a grammar rule, talked about our pets and name origins, and started a list of new words and Spanish idioms.

After class, I went back to the gym again.

Funny picture from the cafe we went to:


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