Monday was a free showing of Frederico Garcia Lorca’s La Casa de Bernarda Alba at the language center, with optional payments going to benefit kids in Honduras. I had read the play for a Spanish class in college, which was helpful given some of the stronger accents. Afterwards, a few of us went to a language exchange where we met Spanish, Italian, US, and Chinese students.

Tuesday was a cooking workshop with some people from our program and Spanish students. We made paella, potato tortilla, cold soup, and what was basically deep fried french toast (a pear for me for dessert, though).

Wednesday-Thursday included typical classes. Friday we had an added day to make up for break next week (during which we will be in Barcelona). In my film class we started watching 7 dias de enero (7 days of January) about the week in 1977 when 5 lawyers were killed in their office and 2 students were killed in protests. My politics class consisted of trying not to fall asleep in the warm classroom. Marketing consisted of learning about what “demand” is.. very hard concept. My favorite part is the illustrated homework worksheets in multiple classes.

On Thursday, after class, I was walking with a friend to a cafe for tea (our Tuesday/Thursday) when a man, walking in the other direction grabbed my arm forcefully. I had to pull my arm away and we took off down the road, one of the busiest in Granada, during the middle of the day. I was in shock for a bit and stayed home the rest of the afternoon. He didn’t take anything, didn’t say anything. I reported it at the police station after class on Friday and they hopefully should be able to figure out who it is because there are cameras all over the street. (So maybe we’ll figure out more why it happened as well).

Saturday we woke up at around 6 to get on a bus to Seville/Sevilla (3-3.5 hours away). We all slept most of the way, sprawling over bus seats, propping ourselves in strange positions. Once there, we started out at the Spain Plaza (for the world’s fair, and Iberian Fair) which also makes a cameo in Star Wars!

Image result for plaza de espana star wars

Next, we walked by the Real (Royal) Tobacco Factory, one of the workers in which inspired the opera Carmen. And apparently most of the classic Spanish stereotypes. (Side note: apparently stereotypes are a “thing” here, in that our EU politics professor showed us a video of all the stereotypes of different countries to introduce us to them…)

For lunch, we legitimately had a 5 course meal. Salads. Goat cheese with preserves and balsamic? maybe? Croquetes and/or potato tortilla. Chicken breast and potatoes. Egg rice thingy. Bread (not for me). Cake, or flan-like gelatin for those with allergies. We were all so stuffed and had planned to go to a cool gelato place with weird flavors like goat cheese and quince jelly or corn, but were wayyy too full. (PS I tried quince jelly, and quince fruit, for the first times here and I lovee the former and like the latter).

We went in the Cathedral, the largest in the world and went up the bell tower (nicely ramped to accommodate horses in the day). and I even got within two arms length of the balcony (woohoo).

After walking along the river and through the town, past horse-drawn carts and souvenir shops and newly-opened gelato stands in the 75 degree heat, we got back on the bus to Granada.

On Sunday 24th of February I woke up slightly early to get in the car with my host family (and dog) to go up to the Sierra Nevada and hike in the woods (luckily hike was synonymous with walk in this case). I met another of my host mother’s sisters and her husband and their two dogs (a min pin and westie). When we came back, I fell asleep for half an hour and we had spaghetti. A friend of mine went with me to a cafe for GF banana bread and to work on blog post together.

On our way to the Sierra Nevada- here’s a view of one of the the snowy peaks.


Some of the group outside the bell tower of Seville’s Cathedral.


The hiking woods and pine trees. Short sleeve weather.


Neo, the host dog, on one of many sticks he found.


Mehra, the min pin.


The large Seville river. The Guadalquivir.


Torre de Oro on the river. Watch tower to defend against Vikings.


The shrine for (and including part of) Christopher Columbus. Because he was such a flawless dude. Inside the Cathedral.


Cathedral pics!


Brides in the courtyard– the start of wedding season here.


Palace gardens:



The Spanish Plaza (from Star Wars):


In the Spanish plaza, and my face after being stuffed with 6 courses. 


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